Celebrating 100 Years

USDA/NRCS Soil Health &
Rainfall Simulator Demonstration

Saturday July 21 from 1:00 - 5:00 PM

Rainfall Simulator Demonstration

The Natural Resources Conservation Service – originally called the Soil Erosion Service – was established to help farmers and ranchers protect our Nation’s soil resources after decades of destructive agricultural practices.  And we’ve never lost sight of our core purpose. We’re getting back to our roots, focusing even more attention on soil health and educating our customers and the public about the positive impact Soil Health Management Systems can have on productivity and conservation. 

The Rainfall Simulator provides a "seeing is believing" demonstration of how practices such as no-till farming, cover crops, and prescribed grazing benefit soil health and improve the water cycle on cropland and pastures across the state.  No-till cropland and pastures managed with prescribed grazing increase infiltration and reduce runoff and sedimentation.  This demonstration includes discussion of topics such as infiltration, aggregate stability, soil structure, and the relationship of these properties to runoff, erosion, and water quantity.