Let’s Build a Snowman

Build on Tuesday, July 11 or by 3pm on Wednesday, July 12

Build a snowman or snow woman with whatever materials you wish to use.  Be creative – tall, silly, pretty or even most traditional for a chance to win the contest.

  1.  Must be 3 foot tall or larger.
  2. Participant must provide own supplies.
  3. May include clothing and accessories.
  4. Must be suitable for all viewing audiences.
  5. Required to stay up through the fair.  Remove & take your snowman home on Sunday.

Register at Administration Office and obtain entry number.  You will be assisted to a location for building and exhibiting your snowman.
Judging criteria:

  1. Creative material used
  2. Overall design
  3. Meet 3 foot tall or larger requirement

1st - $50     2nd - $25     3rd - $10

Sponsored by Southern Iowa Electric Coop, Trophy Ridge Taxidermy,
Davis County Tire and Mincks Heating & Air Conditioning

Questions?  Call Tonya Huggins (641) 664-3426