Darrell McClure

Davis Co. Ag. Society Board Member

January 30, 1932 - February 16, 2011

Tribute will be Wednesday at 6:45 PM in the Pavilion

Darrell McClure


I hope by now that some of the initial shock of my departure has begun to wear away…and that the kind carpet of pleasant memories has started to unroll.

I only ask one thing: No sad tears for me, please.

Every wonderful, delightful thrill, experience and emotion life has to offer has been mine.

So, no sad tears for me, please.

Rather, recall me with a fond smile as the husband and father and friend who shared your laughter, tears and dreams through the years…

Save your sadness and sorrow for those who go before their time, for those who leave before they taste all the fine wines of the world.

No sad tears for me, please.

I lived a goodly span of years – and enjoyed them all.

I’ve laughed a lot, cried a little… I’ve seen a thousand sunsets and a few fresh dawns, walked in April rain…and watched an ocean roll…

I loved a woman and was loved in return… I’ve cradled a daughter in my arms…and walked with the hands of young sons in my own.

No sad tears for me, please.

Many victories were mine, and they gave life zest. I’ve had defeats, and they made me strong.

In my youth, I raced with young companions and knew the thrill of the finish line…and the roar of the crowd was sweet.

And when age came I was allowed to stand at the edge of the crowd and watch the young people dance…

So, no sad tears for me, please.

Life was good… I saw robins in the spring…watched a shooting star or two…enjoyed the snows of winter, walked under a harvest moon…and stood a time or two on top of a high hill and watched the flickering lights of a town.

No sad tears for me, please.

Think of the happy times: The Christmas mornings…the weddings…the Thanksgiving dinners…the carefree vacations along the seashore…and, most of all, remember the thousands of times we were all together as a family.

No sad tears for me, please.

For no man dies as long as there is one person left in the living world who remembers him with fond recall…and shares a thought with him…though he has gone ahead.

Some day one of you may be looking at the blue of the Bay of Naples – the most beautiful blue in the world – and you might feel a sudden, soft-warm breeze across your cheek…and you will know that I am there…

Or you might be standing on a mountain top, looking across the sweep of a great plain…and if there is a sudden, gentle stirring among the trees…feel I am sharing the moment with you…

On Christmas Eve, if there is a small star in the sky, look at it with love and let it come into your heart…and remember me.

A man really never dies while there are those on earth who loved him… A man is never gone as long as there are those who remember him with fondness…and as long as his memory evokes a wistful smile.

All who have loved, and who have been loved, have earned a piece of immortality…

No sad tears for me, please.