Teamsters Event

Friday July 9 at 12:30 PM in the Outdoor Arena

Just bring your teams of horses &/or mules and enjoy an afternoon of fun with us. 
If you want to come & watch, that’s OK too!

Teamsters Event

Teams will be judged on navigating obstacles and handling ability. 
Wagon will be provided.

4 events will be held but not necessarily in this order:

#1 – Log Pulling - Timed
#2 – Obstacle Course - Judged
#3 – Blind Driver - Timed
#4 – Harness Scramble - Timed

Teamsters EventTeamsters Event

No entry fee but all teams must register.
$100 cash prizes in each event

For information:
Event manager Mark Uhlenhake 641-724-3571

Sponsored by:

Citizen's Mutual Telephone Co. CMTEL