Davis County Agricultural Society
Board of Directors

The Board meets the third Wednesday of every month in Fair Hall at the Davis County Fairgrounds.
Standard Time: Meetings begin at 7:00 PM.
Daylight Savings Time: Meetings begin at 7:30 PM.

Term 2019-2020 Term 2018-2019
President - Jeff Kincart Vice-President - Lonnie Archer
Treasurer - Janet Westhoff Secretary - Marcella Thompson
Cleveland - Jeff McClure Lick Creek - Stacy Prassas
Perry - Devin Westercamp Salt Creek - Dixie Garmon
Fox River - Donna Hawkins Wyacondah - Jeff Leyda
Grove - Gary Garmon Prairie - Michelle Combs
Marion - Nathan More Roscoe - Hal Frymoyer
West Grove - JR Hubbs Bloomfield - Veronica Weaklen
Soap Creek - Gail Padget Fabius - Stephen Bowling
Union - Casey Garrett Drakesville - Kevan Bogert
At Large - Kim Fleming At Large - Gary McConnell
At Large - Rose Wheaton At Large - Lexis Frymoyer
At Large - Brooke Bodkins At Large - Courtney Hale
At Large - Jackie Wells At Large - Libbie Johnson
At Large - Wendi Garrett At Large - Jason Rook

Executive Board - Dan Hutchings, Dick Bates, Dean Gooden, DeWitt Shelton,
Ralph Hopkins, Bruce Wortmann, Dale Taylor, Barb Cole, Kevin Woods,
Dennis Liles, John Mayberry.